Buy Me A House Program

The Buy Me A House Program; where you Get the House & Forget the Bank. Get In, Get Out or Stay In, do it again when you're ready. Houses, Apartments, or Commercial, you're a Client for Life if, we approve you.

Buy Me A House dot comWhen people hear about our 'Buy Me A House' Program the program name gives some folks the wrong idea ... so don't get too excited ... ... we don't buy houses to give as gifts ...

Do you know how it's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated with the process of buying a house? ... and it's even harder and more stressful since the mortgage meltdown?

One of our investors will buy you a house, if, you are willing and able to pay for it. We've always found it's easier to find a house for a buyer, than it is to find a buyer for a house.

In our Buy Me A House Program our Investor buys the house and provides the financing so that you have experienced Buy Me A House American Dream Realizedassistance in the process to free you of the worries and take some the burden off, our investors don't have holding costs for the house, which lets them work on a tighter margin, for a win-win solution to a common problem with a simple ABC process.

Whether you're a first time buyer, someone who needs a second chance, a novice or seasoned investor, too busy to sweat the details yourself, an agent or broker, or would just feel more comfortable with a some seasoned help, our Buy Me A House program can be good fit you can use more than once, we create Clients for life. Get the house, forget the bank, do it again.

Buy Me A House Guarantee

How does this differ from a conventional purchase?

Both a conventional purchase and the Buy Me A House program use essentially the same basic process;

Start by getting pre-approved,

Then shop for a property within the range of your approval,

We use a standard contract for the offer to purchase,

Inspect the property after the contract is accepted,

Then close after the property passes inspection and you meet the conditions of your approval.

Buy Me A House BackgroundThe big difference with the Buy Me A House Program is: you have assistance and people to Apply Post-it notereview your deal to keep you from making a mistake that you couldn't possible afford any other way, our techniques are unconventional and more efficient, so you do less work.


If we didn't gain insight and perspective that resulted in improved efficiency over the years and thousands of transactions there would be something wrong. The big question is; are you someone we would be willing to work with?

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Buy Me A House Application (online application)

or use our on-line application to save time using the link above. (opens in a new window)

 Your application is usually processed within 7 days. With your initial pre-approval, we will put you on the list, and give you 10 days to start the process of becoming a client. if you're not on the list, or don't have an Associate, we can't help you.

See our: Buyer Program Disclosures

Buyer Short Sale Disclosure

Buy Me A House Program Application below.

First See our: Application & Offer Rules

Then Complete our Buy Me A House Program Application using the link above to apply.


Buy Me A House Guarantee


$100 Application Commitment Fee required.

As a good faith gesture to show you are serious.

Guaranteed Client for Life

(applied to down payment & property purchase price)

Refunded if we do not issue a pre-approval within 7 days.

Pay your Application Commitment Fee Below.


Allow 7 to 10 days for processing.

Guaranteed Client for LifeYour $100 Application Commitment Fee is applied towards property price and refunded if we are not able to issue an approval within 7 to 10 days.

ABC Easy Start


We do have the solutions and make it ABC easy but you should read our disclosures and be aware of the rules before making application.


(our secure on-iine application is easier, & faster)


Since our Mission is to Make A Difference, and we can deal with almost any past problem, our main criteria is affordability for you Credit Signas end buyer, so our pre-approvals are based mainly on income, we believe in second chances.

Get the House Forget the Bank

An Associate is required to become a client. Our Associates are not salespeople, the function of Associates is to help clients find interim answers to questions, and assist the Advisors process transactions for clients. To the extent an Associate has time available they can assist Clients and prospective clients.

Credit Repair Info - See Video explanation of the CleanSlate System @

The big question is are you someone we would be willing to work with?

Since we won't accept just anyone as a Client we would suggest you prepare a brief written outline on why you feel you would make a good client and what it means to you. It is part of the process for our Buy Me A House Program Clients and for all of our other programs it is a good idea. You can get a preliminary approval without the outline, but you won't get to closing without it unless what would make you a good client is very obvious, after all if we accept you as a Client we give you Client status for life, so we want to get to know you.

We don't need to do deals, if we don't do a deal in the next 10 years we won't lose any sleep or miss any meals so the only one with anything to gain or lose is you, so make sure you give us a reason to want to help you.

We do have the solutions and make it ABC easy but you should read our disclosures and be aware of the rules before making application. There is some additional information below and feel free to explore our whole site, we have more than 400 pages here so any non transaction specific question you might have is covered here. Any time you are ready to make application or get started in the Buy Me A House Program or any of our other programs you'll find a Get Started link at the bottom of many pages and you'll see some links below, each takes you to the same place.

     How to Get Started Get Started

Be Sure to Visit our Client Stories Page to get an idea of what we can do.

Client Stories

Program Foundation: Buy Me A House

If you are not a long time Client you need to establish your credit with us on a one time basis which has nothing to do with your credit score or credit rating. We can work with any credit situation but to access our Programs, Platform, and Resources eah Client need to establish crdit with us on a 1 time basis. Learn more at:

Since the mortgage
meltdown has shaken the very foundation of the American Dream we decided to make the foundation of our programs the Buy Me A House Program which we felt was only fitting.

For Salle

If we start with the premise that as investors we specialize in purchasing homes at a fair price and reselling them at a fair price representing a good value, it is obvious we are not selling our family home.

It should also be obvious that we would want to sell a house for more than we paid for it, otherwise what would be the point? We're not agents or brokers so we don't get a commission.

Sometimes we buy a nice house and sell it as we bought it. Sometimes we need to fix it. Sometimes we need to update it. It should also be obvious that we would want to (actually have to) factor in any 'cost to cure' and add a modest margin to come up with our sale price.

So when we buy a house we are not buying it to live in, as investors we we are buying to sell it to an end buyer who wants it either to live in or as an investment. When we buy a house we then have to find a buyer for it, so we hope there is someone out there that is just waiting for someone to "Buy Me a House' just like the one we just Anchor- Buy Me A House Program - Wirgley Fieldbought, which is how we came up with the program name. A buyer will usually be found in somewhere between 3 months and a year. When we buy this way it is called buying on 'spec' or speculation. On a 'spec' deal we have holding or carrying costs for the house until it sells which we have to add to the sale price so it increases our costs and the buyer's cost without adding any value.

Since as principals and investors we have to buy houses before we sell them that is why we decided to call this our “Buy Me A House” program which actually includes all types of properties and has a number of options and variations included under the Buy Me A House Program.


As smart seasoned investors we don't usually have any spec inventory as we prefer using our 'Buy Me a House' program or 'Buy to Order' program where we can buy and update a property just for you the end buyer. You pick out the property & the updates, we evaluate it, buy it & update it for you, & sell it to you updated, and we'll even finance it for you. This keeps our costs down which keeps your costs down.

Carrying inventory hoping a buyer comes along never made any sense, and it makes even less sense in this market. We always found it easier to find a property for a buyer than to find a buyer for a property. So we've usually got an end buyer in mind when we buy a property and anything we do pick up on 'spec' goes fast because we have end buyers 'waiting in the wings' and if we pick it up on spec it has to be a very good deal. When we buy properties that need a short-sale in order to make sense our Buy Me A House Program Clients get preferential consideration.

In either case our properties are only available to our Clients and registered buyers. As a potential buyer the important point to take away from this is; the better deal we get, the better deal you get.


As a client and registered buyer you can buy any of our properties with your own pre-approved financing or we'll provide financing with no headaches and just the minimum paperwork, and since investment properties can pay for themselves they are what we prefer.

The first thing we need to do is get you registered and pre-qualified 'our way' so we don't waste each other's time. Even though we can accommodate virtually anyone who sincerely wants a property, our time is more valuable than our money, so unless we are 100% certain you can qualify, we don't have the time to invest in you, and will not be able to register you.


ABCs of a DealOur Buy-Me-A-House program is designed as permanent housing solution and not a band aid or temporary fix and can provide a permanent housing solution for you as asincere responsible person who do not qualify for conventional mortgage financing regardless of credit or past problems.

Current Credit score doesn't matter and all past problems are considered as long as they are in the past, and you now have the ability to make a monthly payment on a house, and some Credit Signsort of down payment towards it. Since our Buy-Me-A-House program is a permanent housing solution be prepared for the process to take some time so you should have current or other housing options for the next several months to a year as the programs are not designed to address immediate housing needs.


Since the program is a permanent housing solution it is only natural it would take some time to do it right, that's not to say it can't happen quick as even early on in the roll out of our programs we've had a couple of clients go from application through the process and get moved in to their new house in under 90 days, that is the exception and not the rule, it is possible but it should not be counted on.



We make the process easy as ABC with our ABC Simple Process. (opens in new window)


Timing is highly dependent on the amount of and quality of your leg work and is dependent on
Apply Post-it noteyour qualifications. We do believe in second chances and we are happy to provide a hand-up, but our programs are designed as permanent solutions, not as a hand out or band aid, so you have to remember: 'things of quality have no fear of time'.

Complete our Buy Me A House Program Application on-line click below to apply.

Buy Me A House Application (online application)

Allow 7 to 10 days for processing.

The Buy Me A House Program isn't just for a house you want to occupy, it works well for rental property too, as a matter of fact the program is not just for houses, it also applies to small and large apartment buildings and other types of income property, as a matter of fact we prefer doing deals on cash flow properties through the program, if we're going to buy you a property and finance it for you, if it pays for itself, and provides you a cash flow we figure you'll take good care of it while we are financing it.


You can see our Simple ABC Process in a new window by clicking and you can get an understanding of the A B Cs of A Deal in a new window by clicking or farther down in the property menu later when you get to it.

Even if you simply want to buy a house “as-is” and are pre-approved for mortgage financing by one of our approved lenders you will need to go through our registration and abbreviated pre-qualification process.

Credit Repair Info - See Video explanation of the CleanSlate System @


Until such time as you make initial application, we do our due diligence and qualify you for one of our “Buy Me a House” programs the only information we can provide will be found on this website. Once you register you will get access to one of our lists and learn how to have your next house find you, and also how to pick out virtually any property that makes sense.


SoldPeople that buy any of our properties also get taught simple procedures to effectively manage and maintain their properties and get a personalized and flexible customized plan for paying off their mortgage in less than 30 years, in some cases much less.

Successful candidates can acquire additional properties and have the opportunity to supplement their income with the income, appreciation, and tax benefits available from real estate.

Apply Post-it noteOur objective is quality, not quantity for both properties and purchasers. You can register at our site and have a property you want find you! 


Our reputation in the real estate and mortgage business eventually got to be: 'if we can't do it, it can't be done' which later became our motto, so if that's the kind of champion you want in your corner register to get started. Do it now.


     How to Get Started Get Started


Get the full story at

If you have a Buy Me A House Application that has been approved or one that is in process take our Buy Me A House Needs Analysis Survey so we may add it to your file. You can find it at the link below:

Buy Me A House Needs Analysis Survey

Buy to Order Program

Inquiry Button

To make an inquiry or contact the Anchor Associate on duty use the inquiry button now.





We develop successful real estate transactional solutions tailored to meet individual goals and objectives. We measure our success by how many lives we change for the better, not by how many properties we buy, sell, or save.


If it's not in the best interest of the deal we don't do the deal. We don't need to do deals. If we don't do a deal in the next 10 years nobody is going to lose any sleep or miss any meals. We only do deals to help people, the only person with anything to lose by not becoming a client or to anything of major consequence to gain by becoming a client is a potential client.


To become a client and obtain client status requires 3 things;


  1. Receipt and acknowledgment of the appropriate disclosures and agreements,

  2. Execution of and agreement with the appropriate disclosures and agreements, 
  3. Some financial Consideration signifying agreement as evidence of action in furtherance of the agreement.

Without all 3 of those items you do not have status as a client, and if you have a real estate problem you need solved you want to be a client because it can get your problem solved.



Buy Me A House Documents 

download docs below


Buy Me A House Application (fill-able pdf)

Buyer Program Disclosures



You have 2 options:

1. Left Click and Open Document in a new window, and you can save to your hard drive later   -or-

2. Right Click and 'save link or target as' to save to your hard drive and open later


     How to Get Started Get Started

Other Documents

1003 irev (can fill in blanks and print or print as pdf)

Application for Lease Option

Buy Me a House Property Submission Form

Personal Financial Statement

Pre Qual Form (for submitting deals for funding)

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