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Anchor Advisors and Associates
was bred from 40+ years in real estate & finance with thousands of deals under our belts before we successfully retired prior to 9-11. After the mortgage meltdown we were re-born with a Mission to Make A Difference, sponsored by the Anchor Assistance Alliance, we're currently leading the way to safe harbor anchor, and you're welcome to follow in our foot steps, it can be life changing!

Our ABCs

We develop real estate solutions tailored to meet your individual goals & objectives and work to find the right way and make it A B C simple for you to follow in the path to a secure retirement solving your real estate problems along the way. 

One of our Associates can be your guide and advocate in your journey along the path to secure your retirement.

Our group is headed, funded, and majority owned by an international charitable trust enabling us to make a difference for more people through our various programs.

We specialize in purchasing properties at a fair price, update them as needed, and resell them at a fair price and good value.

Many times we can solve a problem by buying or selling a property for a client (or both) and sometimes we are called upon to save a property from any of a number of dilemmas including foreclosure, and we find it easy to solve most problems or dilemmas due to our vast and varied experience, including fixing loans and getting properties out from under water.

Problem and Solution We're not mortgage brokers, real estate agents, a loan modification company, or a foreclosure rescue firm, but to Make A Difference we do Fix Loans reducing mortgage payments & balances, and Buy, Sell, and Save property from major problems including foreclosure. If you have a Real Estate problem there's a very good chance we have a solution or 2 and probably have a program for that.

We do this nationwide regardless of credit or occupancy for commercial and residential property through our various programs.

  Transactions are facilitated by our Advisors who do not accept new Clients, work by appointment and referral only from Clients, Associates, investors, agents, mortgage brokers, attorneys and other professionals known to us.

We can't accommodate everyone, and not everyone will qualify, so we're pretty choosy about who we accept.

Deal or No Deal Retired

We've Got You Covered!

We created this site as a tool for our Associates to introduce potential clients to our programs and the benefits available through them. If you are here by invitation of one of our Associates there is nothing to purchase, by inviting you here all your Associate hoped to accomplish is to get you familiar with our programs and direct you to how you may learn more and obtain assistance if and when you have a need.

We measure our success by how many lives we change for the better, not by how many loans we fix or properties we buy, sell, or save, although the 2 numbers do end up being one and the same.

Our Advisors facilitate the transactions, each Client must have an Associate as a guide and advocate to navigate our programs and process, and assist our Senior Associates, Advisors, and Advisory Board as directed.

A big factor in the mortgage meltdown that left the market in a mess was greed on the part of wall street 'banksters' involved in transactions, it was too easy to make a loan file 'appear' to fit the guidelines, rather than work to find a borrower with qualifications that fit the guidelines.  It started with the greed of the wall street 'banksters' and quickly spread to real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, home buyers, and real estate investors, even some of the commercial banks got caught up in it to an extent, but we didn't.

We withdrew from the insanity, retired, sat on the sidelines and watched as the market fell apart (as we anticipated it would) until we felt compelled to re-enter the market to do our part to Make A Difference and be part of the solution. Rather than being opportunistic 'carpet baggers' we chose a streamlined Deal Platform business model with modest margins and decided to partner as a group of private investor associates committed to making a positive difference in affordable and sustainable housing. Our group is headed, funded, and majority owned by an international charitable trust that oversees the programs enabling us to have a broader reach and Make A Difference for more people.

If we had to summarize in 1 sentence what we do today that communicates how it differs from the past in a descriptive and easy to understand way we would say: “We buy Un-Sellable houses and sell them to Un-Loanable buyers.” It really does describe a good part of what we do today and it illustrates the difference in today's market vs yesterday's at the same time.

We have a special new program that allows anyone to sell even with little or no equity. This program is not a short sale. It doesn't require bank approval, and a home-owner's credit is not harmed though a sale of a property utilizing this new program. This program also enables buyers to get financed who otherwise could not obtain a loan. Program Information

Use the link above to get complete program information without obligation.

Whether you want to buy and update a new property, sell your existing property, (or both) need to avoid foreclosure, want to get your mortgage reduced to match the drop in property values, or just want to find out what your commercial or residential property is really worth in this market, get one of our Associates to guide and assist navigating our programs.

 We've tried to make this site as informative and easy to navigate as we know how so it answers most any question you may have, and since we try to 'over deliver' on expectations it probably contains far more information than what you want or need. (probably much more) Take your time and review it, come back often as we add and update the information regularly so if you are trying to solve a problem you'll probably find the answer among our programs, and if you are active as an investor, mortgage broker, or Realtor, you will certainly want to have us as a resource in your tool box. If you are a prospective client you'll find every answer you need and then some to evaluate whether or not becoming a client is to your advantage.

SwitchWhile do we try and over-deliver on information, we are also believers in the 'light switch theory'; to enter a room safely we don't have to understand the workings of electricity, we just need to know flipping the switch up turns on the light.


The way we have organized this site the information is grouped under primary headings that also serve as navigation menus when touched with your mouse. The most relevant are Home - Property - Services - F.A.Q. - and A. The Home Menu includes info about us and Our Programs including What You Can Expect and more. The Property Menu goes into some of our specific programs for Buyers and Sellers with the Services and F.A.Q. Menus going into additional detail with the A menu section containing policy and internal info.


If you or a client want or need to sell a property, we buy properties, if you or a client want or need to buy a property for investment or to live in, we can let you go out and find one that meets your needs that we can buy and finance for you, if you or a client need to save a property from foreclosure or are underwater and need to reduce a mortgage to an affordable level we can help.

We want to help and if you need assistance one of our Associates if we have one available will be glad to assist you navigate, just ask. Each transaction is unique and tailored to accomplish your objectives. Just please be patient with response time, we are busy assisting Clients, and while we value prospective clients our priority is existing clients, thank you in advance for understanding, and that's why we built this site to answer common questions. Being an Anchor client is not for everyone and not everyone will qualify, we do require each Client and prospective client to have an Associate as their guide and advocate to navigate through our programs, process information and assist our Advisors and Advisory Board oversee and facilitate transactions.


Over the years our reputation in the real estate and mortgage business eventually got to be: 'if we can't do it, it can't be done' which later became our motto, and if that's the kind of champion you want in your corner register to get started.

About Us

You need to be informed and you need to educate yourself and that's why decided to come out of retirement and built this site. If you missed the April 3, 2011 segment of 60 Minutes, the New York Times articles on MERS mistakes of the FDIC suit, etc. visit our Mers & Mortgage Mess page from the link here or from the menu and get up to date, you don't have to be victim to 'fraudclosure' by the 'banksters' and even innocent banks could have left you victimized by accident. If you need assistance or have questions see our Save My House page and contact one of our Associates.

We have a lot of tools in our tool box from better than 40 years in the trenches and in addition to the tools in our own toolbox we are principal affiliates with key national companies, including a nationwide attorney based Loan Compliance company. We can't solve each and every problem in real estate, but if we can't do it, it can't be done.


We develop successful real estate transactional solutions tailored to meet individual goals and objectives. We measure our success by how many lives we change for the better, not by how many loans we fix or properties we buy, sell, or save.

If it's not in the best interest of the deal we don't do the deal. We don't need to do deals. If we don't do a deal in the next 10 years nobody is going to lose any sleep or miss any meals. (except our Associates and potential clients) We only do deals to help people, the only person with anything to lose by not becoming a Client, or anything of major consequence to gain by becoming a Client is a potential client and to a lesser extent their Associate.

Our programs were designed to be able to make a difference and have applications that go far beyond any one individual or property, that if utilized intelligently can help create anything from some simple stability and peace of mind, to the creation of your own little (or not so little) real estate empire. The programs are the same, it's the application of imagination, intelligent effort and repetition that makes the difference.


For additional information you can come back as often as you want (we have well over 400 pages here) but to make your initial information gathering easier we can suggest starting with our info sites:

 Even if you are not at risk of foreclosure in these times of economic uncertainty almost everyone knows someone who is who could benefit from the information we have here and sometimes some of the best opportunities come as a result of knowing how to solve problems which is why some of our senior people had hourly rates of $250 before retiring prior to 9-11.

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We work strictly by appointment and referral only from our Clients, Associates, attorneys and other professionals known to us. Each client must have an Associate as their advocate.  If you are a prospective client and need an Associate send an email to:


Be sure to tell us who referred you, or how and where you found us, and what you want to discuss with an Associate. In case we don't have an Associate immediately available it's a good idea to let us know if you have a special need.

We do work By Appointment Only and since we don't need to do deals, so the only one with anything to gain or lose is you.




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